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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Carolyn’s Danish Apple Fritters

Time: 30 minutes prep time, 5 minutes frying
Serves 8

· 2 c flour
· ¼ c sugar
· 1 t salt
· 1 t nutmeg
· 3 t baking powder
· ¼ c oil
· 1 egg
· ¾ cup milk
- 4-6 apples, peeled, and diced into small pieces
- frying oil

1. Heat frying oil to 350˚F.
2. Mix together all the ingredients. Stir in apples. Dough will be sticky.
3. Drop teaspoon size pieces of dough into oil when oil is ready. (You will know it’s ready if the oil fizzes with a drop of water).
4. Around the dough the oil will start to form small bubbles after a few minutes, turn over and fry the other size. They should be golden brown.
5. Let cool on paper bags or paper towels (to absorb oil). Serve warm.

Initially  Kevin and I make these fall conference weekend. The girls would together and make them while the guys go to Priesthood session. When they came back we enjoyed the fritters and talked about what they learned.  But lately we make them in conjunction with our fall apple party, usually in mid to late September.

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