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Monday, January 25, 2010

Meet Big Red

When my darling husband "Baldy" and I were struggling with infertility for a few years, I would often ask him to tell me a bedtime story to help me laugh and hope for the future.  Inevitably these stories were about a house full of children and good times gathered as a family in the kitchen.  One of the main characters of the stories was Big Red, my trusty Kitchen Aid.  Big Red was there to make pancakes on Saturday, bread for dinner, and cookies for family night treat.  Now I have two darling daughters, whom for the sake of privacy on this blog will be known as "Curly" and "Little Red."  Big Red and I have baked up many good times and tasty treats with my girls and my husband.  I've decided to create a collection of some of my favorite recipes.  I realize there are plenty of food blogs out there.  But this blog is a way for me to organize my favorite recipes and my food photos and eventually slurp them into a cookbook.  Additionally, family members and friends often ask me for various recipes, so hopefully this can be a resource for them too.

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