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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fruit Delight

This recipe is great because it's good year-round. Use all fresh fruit in the summer. Use frozen berries in the winter. Either way it's super tasty!

Strawberries (fresh or frozen)
Blueberries (fresh or frozen)
Blackberries (fresh or frozen)
Raspberries (fresh or frozen)
Peaches (fresh or frozen)
Brown sugar to taste
Almond extract to taste
2-3 kiwis
2-3 bananas

Combine berries and peaches. (In the winter I usually use a 1 pound bag of mixed berries and omit the peaches). Sprinkle with brown sugar (I usually use about 2 tablespoons) and almond extract (I usually use about 1 teaspoon). Stir gently to combine. Put in refrigerator to chill/thaw, an hour is ideal. Right before serving add the kiwi and bananas, toss gently.

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