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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lemon Freeze

This recipe is from my mother-in-law. She often made it as the perfect cool and creamy dessert for summer barbecues.

1 half gallon of vanilla ice-cream
1 (12oz) can of frozen concentrate lemonade
2 pre-packaged 9-inch graham cracker crusts or make your own* (you can also make a 9x13 graham cracker crust, doubling a 9-inch pie crust)

fruit--you can use a can of cherry pie filling, fresh or frozen berries (sweetened with a little sugar), thawed frozen berries in syrup, etc.
fresh cream or cool whip

1. Let the ice-cream soften a bit and mix the ice-cream and frozen lemonade until well blended. I usually use my stand mixer and the paddle attachment on low.
2. Spread the lemon freeze into the pie crusts, dividing equally between the two crusts. (Note you can make this in a 9x13 pan and serve it cut into dessert bars. This recipe makes one 9x13 pan).
3. Cover with wax paper and aluminum foil or the inverted lid of the prepackaged pie crusts. Freeze until firm at least several hours. Can stay frozen for up to about a month.
4. Before serving, let sit for a few minutes to soften slightly. Top with fruit, and whipped cream as desired.


  1. This sounds really yummy! I might try it over Memorial Day, since it's already in the high 90s out here.

  2. This is good with Cool Whip too (even the fat free kind). Our favorite is with raspberry lemonade.